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English Books
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Anja Kern's personal comments on these books
Familyconstellation Love's Hidden Symmetry :
What Makes Love Work in Relationships

Love's Hidden Symmetry is a book to be read slowly...and then to be read again and again. Here is an opportunity to discover the work of Bert Hellinger, whose generative approach across Europe into the hearts and minds of a diverse therapeutic community.

A lively blend of narrative, storrytelling transcript material, and poetic imagery is invoked to describe, and to demonstrate, what Hellinger calls "the orders of love" and how disturbances be reckoned with for generations to come. But these deeply embedded forces in the familysystem can be harnessed for healing once the are acknowledged, respected, and gently redirected.

This book is a must for all those who want to look deeper into this approach.

Familyconstellation Acknowledging What Is :
Conversations With Bert Hellinger

Considered one of the most innovative psychotherapistis in te world today, Bert Hellinger has captured the attention of the international therapy community, as well as the segment of the lay community interested in recovering sources of healing and wholeness. In "Acknowledging What Is", Hellinger sheds light on his unique use of family constellations to reveal hidden – often destructive – family dynamics and to active healing resources.

It is a good book to start with, a exellent book learn, and a great gift for those we care for.

familienstellen Supporting Love :
How Love Works in Couple Relationships

When couples turn to therapy or to selfhelp, they are usually looking for a way to "fix" their "problem". Common solutions might entail improving communication skills, identifying unproductive interaction patterns, or changing some specific behaviors. When a couple steps into the work of Bert Hellinger, the partners are entering a realm of uncommon solution. Hellinger´s approach – family constellations and the underlying observations from which they take shape – taps into the deepest dynamics of a relationship. People begin to see just how unseen forces, including non-present family members and those of past generations, and the choices that were made long ago, affect the current partners´connections with each other at many differnt levels. The verbatim transcripts of constellations with numerous couples, supplemented by questions, commentary, and discussion, bring this multidemensional process into focus. Typically, a constellation moves through two stages. In the first, hidden – yet compelling – influences on the family are relealed. In the second phase, healing movement and statements are discovered – or recovered – and then tested within the constellation. The "psychic adjustment" that takes place, whether great or small, expands the couple´s vocabulary in creating solution. Bert Hellinger's voice is clear and strong on such topics as love, suffering, bonding, giving and taking, parenthood, childlessness, faithfulness, separation, and sexuality. Throughout the book, there are moments of exquisite clarity and moments of uneasy suprise: the resonance and discord of new insights into the ways we can support love – and the ways that love can support us.

I don't want to miss this one in my life.

familienstellen Love's Own Truths:
Bonding and Balancing in Intimate Relationships

Love's Own Truths represents another important milestone in Bert Hellinger's search of a greater understanding of the intricacies of relationship and resolution. The verbatim transcripts of three powerful workshops allow access to the various ways in which fragments of the life force puzzle can break apart or come together over generations. Readers will discover many opportunities to unlock new perspectives in their own healing process as they stand alongside the workshop participants. Explanations of the therapeutic linchpins that hold this approach together help readers grasp what is happening, especially in the family constellations, when the healing movements are subtle or seemingly obscure. The inclusion of several of Hellinger's teaching stories adds yet another dimension to the reading. The closing interview offers another opportunity to understand the work on a different level and to see the man behind it through a new lens.

Again, this is great. It gives you so much compassion for yourself and your partner.

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